My Work


I first began working with clay, when I joined the pottery club in high school. Every week I found myself getting more excited about the afternoons in the ceramic studio. It wasn’t long before I was hooked. Huzzah! I had found my passion!! Naturally, It came as no surprise when I decided to further my artistic studies after highschool.

Like most native New Englanders, I went one of the many colleges in Boston. I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Boston in 2010. After graduation I received a scholarship to study at the Ceramics Program at the office for the arts at Harvard. I lived in Boston for six years untiI 2012, when I decided to move to California. Until that point, I had lived in New England all my life. I was ready for a new adventure and the Bay Area was calling my name.

Currently, I live in Oakland and I'm a member of the Berkeley Potter's studio. I’m constantly excited and inspired by the energy in the East Bay. It’s bursting with visual stimulation! When I'm not in the studio you can find me, biking around the bay area, or cooking something delicious at home.




"Paradigm Shift"

September 22, 2015
San Francisco, California 

Come explore an immersive environment where artists utilize nature as their medium. Lets explore how we can reassemble the world we exist in to form a dialogue. We are bringing notice to the force which created us.